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  • Cheviot Top in blues and lilacs 100g (blues and lilacs)
    This is a 100g braid of British Cheviot top, dyed in shades of blue and lilac.

    Cheviot is one of my favourite fibres to spin! It can vary from fine to coarse, is not too crimpy and is quite resilient. The fineness is approx. 30-35microns and length, 80-100mm. Perfect for hand spinning and hand felting.

    Cool hand wash recommended.
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  • Oatmeal Blue Faced Leicester "Warming Stone" 105g (Warming Stone)
    Blue Faced Leicester is a fine wool with a beautiful lustre that takes dye well. It's around 26 micron with an average staple length of 85-90mm.Oatmeal BFL is a natural brown shade and adds depth to the colours when dyed.

    "Warming Stone" is dyed in shades of russet and magenta.

    Handwash recommended.
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  • Kent Romney "Pale Crocus" 145g (Pale Crocus)
    Each 145g braid is Kent Romney, dyed in shades of yellow, green and purple, with very pale areas in places.

    This base is one of the finest and softest English speciality breed lambs wools, at 28-29 microns. Perfect for hand spinning.

    Cool hand wash recommended.
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  • Humbug Jacob in Pinks (Pinks)
    Jacob wool is a medium quality, natural coloured wool and is popular with handspinners, at 33-35 micron with a staple length of 85-95mm.
    These tops are a humbug blend of  white Jacob and grey Jacob, dyed in shades of magenta.

    Handwash recommended.
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