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  • Fibre Explorers' Club: Round Three (Round 3)
    The Yarns From The Plain Fibre Explorers' Club, three months subscription for July, tAugus and September 2016.

    The Fibre Explorers' Club is a chance to widen your horizons and explore a range of fibre. Each month you will receive 150g of fibre, dyed in an exclusive colourway never to be repeated. The fibre might be 100% breed specific, or it may be a blend, but will always contain at least 75% British or British Overseas Territory wool. Some months the fibre may be a familiar friend; other times it may be a custom blend specifically created for the club!

    Clubs will be sent out by the 25th of the month and the price includes postage. This is Round Three of the club.

    The deadline to register is July 10th unless the club sells out beforehand.
    Club subscriptions are for three months only and spaces are limited.
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